Spring Boot embedded cache with Infinispan in Kubernetes

Spring Boot is extensively used for microservice architectures, most of them running in kubernetes. Spring Cache has been defined as an abstraction layer for cache servers, although there are other alternatives (JSR-107 JCache was one of the initial ones). When using a cache, there are two alternatives, embedded in the microservice or external to it. Both has its benefits and drawbacks and depending on the use case one is prefered

Infinispan monitoring in Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana

Infinispan is a java based open source cache and grid solution, that is used extensively in different framework like j2ee, springboot and quarkus among others. It is compatible with different java caching models, like JSR-107 and spring data. It is very simple to set up a high availability cluster with different replication/distribution configurations, and thanks to the kubernetes operator pattern, is even easier in kubernetes distribution. Prometheus is the defacto standard for metric scraping and short-term storing to identify potential issues.

AWX on Kubernetes with ELK to create reports

I love Kubernetes and Ansible. Both are some of the 10 most popular Open Source projects in github in 2019. That is why I wanted to give it a try to deploy ansible awx in kubernetes, along with an ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana), to store playbook information and create some nice dashboards. There are several ways to extract information from AWX. You can see some of them if you prefer the ELK stack in the following picture.