Why some prometheus alerts in k8s can confuse

Recently I was installing a kubernetes cluster as I usually do for my tests. However, as those machines were bare metal servers that some colleagues have recycled, we decided to keep it running and try to maintain it by ourselves. First thing I did was a simple bot to send the alerts to a telegram channel. That was something I did not do in the past, because I do not care about monitoring as my clusters were ephemeral.

GitOps with ArgoCD and Hashicorp Vault on kubernetes

Last month I was picking my brain about GitOps and how this model fits with other kubernetes technologies like operators and backups. I decided to give it a try with ArgoCD. I created a private repo on GitHub, and started to set up everything. Suddenly, a thought came into my mind: I cannot store sensible information in a GitHub repo even if it is private and for testing purposes. So I started to dig into the alternatives using the links in the documentation.

Trying DB2 in Kubernetes for developers

Recently I have been asked a lot of similar questions like “does it make sense to invest in deploying legacy technology on kubernetes?”. Well, first of all, I have to say that some technologies that are considered “legacy” have tons of new exciting features for the new workloads and applications. This is, for example, the case of DB2 with spatial queries and many others that you may have a look at (to be honest, I have very few experience with it).